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From a vision to a reality. From a belief in a team, to the growth of a family. From the challenging beginnings to the wisdom of age. Seven years of Possums celebrates all of you.

Possums is where food is embroidered by imagination - it encompasses our ethos - it brings to life a place where art, music, food and wine are intertwined with personal service and a sense of home and comfort.

The Possum’s dream has been a longtime coming, a passion that followed me all over the globe. Having spent many seasons abroad exploring the wondrous food world, working amongst great chefs and artisans, coupled with the fact I am an experienced diner and grape enthusiast, it was time to put my flag in the ground and fly it as high as I could.

The ‘Haka’ is my native dance, I am so proud to be a kiwi and after being a creative nomad for many years, I made South Africa home. My life has encompassed always beautiful aesthetics reflected in the industries I followed, interior design, travel and diamonds, and always having friends around a table, celebrating, gathering and laughing. These are some of the aspects that gives Possums, its richly layered texture.

Our menus are created reflecting the seasons. Inspiration is drawn from local travels, produce and artisans. We love using produce from our kitchen garden, other sustainable growers and sustainable farmers who strive to produce organic whole foods. The menus diversity gives a sense of frivolity and the sensuousness relationship we have with food.

The Possums space is diversified and has many facets - like a diamond is comes to life when used. The main bistro, once an Italian eatery and cafe houses the main kitchen. The Verandah is popular with guests and often bustles late into the lazy afternoons with special birthdays, engagement, celebrations or just catching up with friends.

The garden has evolved into a glorious mix of olive trees, roses and bay trees intermingled with the gazebo and umbrellas. The alfresco dining is enhanced with wood burning braziers for the evenings all year round.

The Treetops deck area has a bar that balances masculinity and a deep electric use of color. The barmen mix ‘Moscow Mules’ with a plume and the baristas create alchemy. The Treetops dining is private and full of ever changing art, it is a wonderful space for private dinners, celebrations and chilling by the fire with your favorite tipple.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons host fabulous live music to help you feel the groove of chill - fabulous - celebrate, all washed down with your favorite glass.

We are open from Tuesday to Sunday. Our hearty breakfasts are available from Thursday to Sunday and lunches all week long. Champagne is always encouraged at both. We now have Prosecco on tap, to add to your choices, if not, why not?

Dinners are casually elegant, candlelit affairs with jazz playing, burning braziers, fairy lights and candles. Both our kitchens have wood burning pizza ovens - so we have both bistro and tapas pizza menus. This is all served on our signature brown paper, which we recycle, for a childrens school book initiative.

A large part of the Possums team have walked the journey with us, from the Parkhurst shop to our current oasis. We will continue to be a family as the journey of our Possums brand continues. We have exciting plans for the future - watch this space. The management team have earned their stripes and their opinions are integrated into the Possums ethos. I am also blessed to have fabulous business team who share in the joy that food and wine brings.

And then our infamous French Poodles who are so part of the Possums team, a grand old gentlemen Zulu who has his own passport, he traveled to NZ with me and back. And the rascal Chocola totally adorable and naughty, they complete us.

It is said you should be careful what you wish for. I always romantically thought to have a farm in Africa or have an orphanage of children. Today I have a family of 50 and I wouldn't change it for the world. I have Africa and a family.

The ambitious dream of Possums and all it has become could never have happened without the family and all our fabulous friends and patrons. The Possums people are like minded and well traveled, with discerning palates for food and wine and abound with wondrous energy. On this I toast you all, my wonderful inspiring team and all of you who bring life to Possums.

The End.